Maritime Coordinating Minister Launches Indonesian Marine Area Reference Data
14- September - 2018

MN, Jakarta - Maritime Coordinating Minister Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan said he was sure there were still many people who did not realize the importance of marine maps for Indonesia.

"Many have not understood how important the sea is, the sea is our future, so far we don't have complete data on our mapping at sea, examples of Raja Ampat events yesterday, they blame us, but now with the launch we have data complete, the data becomes an important power, "Coordinating Minister Luhut said in his remarks at the national referral launch of Indonesian regional data at the National Archives Building, Jakarta (10/8).

Coordinating Minister Luhut said that many of our marine potential could be utilized with the help of accurate and accountable data.

"I encourage detailed mapping of the island, working with ATR (Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning) to map our outer islands. What needs to be done is also to map our wealth, through several discussions with experts revealed that our sea still has a lot of potential natural resources. There are European countries that invite us to cooperate to manage sea beds mining, there are Japanese companies who want to cooperate for drilling in Natuna, but they ask for security guarantees. I say to them this is our EEZ and we must also strengthen our law enforcement officers at sea, "he said.

In another part he said it was important for Indonesia to have valid data so that it could be accounted for.

"Our economy is very good, economic growth is at 5.72 percent, our inflation is not too high. Indonesia's GDP is 1.2 trillion USD, of all the data, it shows an indication that our economy is good, the poverty rate also declined the first time in history, under 10 percent. So if anyone says our poor are more than 100 million, that's a dream. Therefore at this time the data is very important, "he explained.

Reference Number

Reference numbers that have been carried out since 2015 by the Geospatial Information Agency (BIG) and the Indonesian Navy's Hydrographic and Oceanographic Center (Pushidros) through a technical study using best available data and with the latest technical methods, for a national reference data and can be accounted for. Previously there had never been a territorial figure that could be used as an official reference that could be used nationally.

National Reference to Regional Data of the Republic of Indonesia, namely;

1. The area of ​​inland waters and Indonesian archipelagic waters is 3,110,000 km2;
2. Indonesia's territorial sea area is 290,000 km2;
3. Indonesia's additional zone is 270,000 km2;
4. The size of Indonesia's exclusive economic zone is 3,000,000 km2;
5. Indonesia's continental shelf area is 2,800,000 km2;
6. The total area of ​​Indonesian waters is 6,400,000 km2;
7. The area of ​​the Republic of Indonesia (land + waters) is 8,300,000 km2;
8. The length of Indonesia's coastline is 108,000 km;
9. The number of islands in Indonesia is approximately 17,504, and those that have been standardized and sub-registered to the UN are 16,056 islands

Coordinating Minister Luhut reminded the importance of existence such as the Indonesian Navy's Geospatial and Pushidros Information Agency, because of the vast area of ​​the country with its thousands of islands, he said he agreed that if there was a discourse to increase institutional capacity in this field it would be at the ministry level to facilitate its main tasks and functions to provide data accurate and accountable data in the field of marine geospatial information.

"We are a big country, so we have to be balanced with this capability which is about our data, so if we don't have data, how do we want to talk about the greatness of our nation," said Coordinating Minister Luhut.


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