a transportation minister with a maritime vision is needed
23- June - 2018

MN, Jakarta – After the sinking of KM Sinar Bangun in the waters of Lake Toba, last Monday (6/18), a myriad of questions and criticisms raged heavily on the performance of the Ministry of Transportation, especially the Directorate General of Sea Transportation (DG Hubla). Because, similar incidents related to the implementation of poor shipping safety continue to occur.

Responding to this, some circles have asked the Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi to resign from his position, or for the sake of the establishment of the World Maritime Axis, the president needs to reshuffle those concerned with figures who are more understanding of maritime aspects.

Maritime activists and observers agree that the person who leads the Minister of Transportation must come from the maritime community. This is to improve the chaotic world of national shipping which has not improved from year to year.

"Related to transportation, the basic things are discipline and compliance, in all fields of transportation," said the chairman of the Indonesian Maritime Youth Association (APMI) Renal in Tambunan through a short message received by the editor on Saturday (6/23).

According to the Undip Marine graduate, the figure of Marsetio has the ability to overcome the technical system and bureaucracy in the management of national transportation, especially sea (water) transportation which emphasizes the aspect of shipping safety.

The shipping world is arguably the core of the realization of the vision of the World Maritime Axis. A good voyage will prove that Indonesia is truly a country that is concerned about maritime vision. But on the contrary, poor shipping will bring uncertainty in the government's commitment to building good maritime governance.

"The president's assistant, in this case the Minister of Transportation, must also have a maritime vision so that the World Maritime Axis can be realized," he explained.

AAL graduates in 1981 who issued the Sea Power Indonesia book were no doubt in the concept of maritime development, especially in the shipping side. In his book also described the development of good shipping governance to support the progress of maritime countries.

Even Renaldi stated that the position of Director General of
sea transportation also needed to be replaced by a more competent figure.

"I think the Director General of Hubla must also be replaced, after repeated incidents in the sea continue to occur and occur," he said.

The right figure, according to him is the Director of the National Maritime Institute (Namarin) Siswanto Rusdi. His track record as an observer and instructor in the maritime field makes him considered appropriate as Director General of Hubla who is more technical in handling sea transportation issues.

Regarding the management of Lake Toba, Renaldi appealed to the government to immediately integrate the Lake Toba Authority Agency. "The goal is to better manage it, including its transportation affairs," concluded the Third Force Youth National Alumni Alumni. (hsn)


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