10- April - 2017

LAPOR! (Online Aspiration and Complaint Service) is an easy-access and integrated means of social media-based aspirations and complaints with 81 Ministries / Institutions, 5 Local Governments, and 44 SOEs in Indonesia. REPORT! developed by the Office of the Presidential Staff in order to increase public participation for the supervision of programs and government performance in the implementation of development and public services.

LAPOR! initiated by the Presidential Unit of Development Supervision and Control (UKP-PPP) in order to increase community participation as well as interaction with the government in the context of supervision of development programs and public services.

Until April 2015, LAPOR! has been used by over 290,000 users and received an average of over 800 community reports per day. REPORT! become the forerunner of national integrated system of aspirations and complaints. Reporting

The general public can submit reports on LAPOR! through various media including sites, SMS 1708 and also mobile applications. The report is then verified in advance by the LAPOR administrator! for clarity and completeness, and then forwarded to the relevant K / L / D agency no later than 3 working days after the reporting is done.

Follow Up Reporting

LAPOR! will publish any reports that have been forwarded while notifying the complainant. K / L / D institutions are given no later than 5 working days to conduct internal coordination and follow-up formulation of the reporting provided by the general public. If there is a follow-up formula, the K / L / D agency shall inform the reporter on the follow-up report page.

Closure of the Report

Reports are deemed complete if there has been a follow up of the K / L / D agency on the report, and has been running 10 working days after the follow-up is done without reply from the reporting or the reporting administrator! on the follow-up page.



Tracking ID LAPOR! .Tracking ID LAPOR! is a unique code that automatically complements every report published on the LAPOR! website. Tracking IDs can be used by users to perform a search on a report.
Anonymous and Confidential. Anonymous features are available for whistleblowers to keep their identity confidential, while confidential features can be used to restrict access to reports only to reporters and agencies reported. Both of these features can be used for reporting sensitive and highly private issues.
Map and Categorization. Each report can be labeled with the geographical location, topic, report completion status, and related institutions so that both government and society can monitor issues with varying scales and points of view. Map of REPORT! is used as a flood information center during the flood disaster of Jakarta in 2012 and 2014 as a reference in order to channel aid to the victims.
Policy Opinion. This feature can be used by government agencies connected as a means of public opinion polling. Several polls that have been conducted through this feature include the Social Security Administering Body Health and Implementation Plan New Education Curriculum 2013.


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