PANN SHIP MANAGEMENT is a professional independent company handling the management of ship to assist the ship owner and other interest such as Banks and Financiers to focusing their main business for income and profit making.

Utilizing the ship management services is the ways most up to date for running the shipping company without preoccupied the shipboard organization, management of docking and maintenance, and any activities to comply the class and statutory requirements.

Implementing the reliable standard, driven by the best and experience people and working together with an international professional ship management, our service consisting of:

  • Crew Management: Recuitment, Training, Ship Manning, Payroll management, ISM & ISPS Code implementation & audit etc 
  • Technical Management: Planned Maintenance, Docking management, Repair management, purchasing, Laid up inspection, etc.
  • Insurance Management: Selecting insurance borker, Claim settlement assistance, Damage survey assistance
  • Commercial Management: Freight and time chartering, Cargo
  • Sale and Purchase Management: Market price acessment, Sale 

Benefit to the Ship Owner:

  • To secure the asset in the proper ways for being handled by the professional people
  • To manage the risks caused by ship operation
  • To focus more in marketing, capital gain and profit making rather than occupied by shipboard organization and ship operation 
  • Warranty of ship operation complying the standards and regulations
  • Alternative to broaden the network and business opportunity

 Global Network and Support:

  • Maritime Financer, PT PANN (Persero)
  • Shiploc Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS) 
  • Thome Marine Consultant PTE. Ltd
  • Planned Maintenance System
  • International Classification Societies