Business Strategic

After successfully implementing a spin off on the financing of national commercial vessels by establishing PT PANN Maritime Financing, the direction of development of PT PANN (Persero) underwent a change because the company has turned into a holding company.

Gradually the company will realize a strategic plan to form a number of subsidiaries in a business line that is still closely related (cross sectoral holding) so that they can support each other and create synergy in the container of Indonesia Ship Holding Company.

The establishment of these subsidiaries will be carried out in stages after comprehensive studies and studies have been carried out taking into account aspects of the company's capabilities, including the determination of its growth methods, both organic and un organic.

Shipping Company.
PT PANN (Persero) saw that the shipping business unit was very strategic. This is by looking at the development of the shipping industry in Indonesia which experienced very rapid growth in line with the increasing market share of domestic cargo after the government implemented the cabotage principle policy (domestic sea transport is obliged to use Red and White flagged ships manned by Indonesian crew).

Shipyard Company.
PT PANN (Persero) observed that the prospect of the shipyard industry in Indonesia is very promising, especially for the company, the presence of this shipyard business unit will support business units, both shipping business units and financing of national commercial vessels.

Shipping Management.
Shipping management will ensure that all vessels are seaworthy and operate well because they will continuously monitor the maintenance and maintenance of the ship properly and correctly.

Ship Insurance Broker.
Insurance brokerage companies under the holding company group will be able to cover insurance with premiums that are relatively cheaper because they are closed fleet and faster and better claim settlement.