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Competition in costing business in Indonesia keeps increasing, so does the competition in the field of national shipping industry, since the issuance of the Presidential Instruction No. 5 of 2005 regarding the empowerment of shipping industries and the legalization of Laws No.17 of 2008 on the shipping business.

Realizing the case above, the Management of PT PANN (Persero) always runs different kinds of initiatives and innovations to enable the company to maintain and improve the company performance. One of the main aspects to be focused by the management in order to support the improvement of the company performance is the human resources (SDM).


Competence Improvement PT. PANN planning toward the fundamental changes through developing the company to become a holdingcompany controlling a number of companies need competent and professional human resources.

Therefore, staffing policies so far performed by PT. PANN (Persero) shall be balanced with improvement of the worker competence and professionalism in the effort of increasing the competing power.