Planned Maintenance System

Planned Maintenance System (PMS) which is one of PT PANN (Limited) to protect the capital goods PT PANN (Limited), is a system used to organize, plan, control, and maintenance of ships in a structured note.

The basic principle of PMS is planned, executed, controlled, documented, evaluated, and efficiency.

PMS important points are:

  • PMS part of the overall ship maintenance management in order to achieve effectiveness and efficiency.
  • PMS one important element in the International Safety Management Code.
  • The role of information technology is to speed up, streamline, and reduce errors in the implementation of the PMS.

Function of PMS

  • Asset Control of all equipment installed in your fleet
  • Class Survey and the International Safety Management reporting
  • Prepare specification for repair, modification and Dry-Docking
  • Maintenance scheduling based on calendar, running hours, condition
  • Inventory management, Requisition & Purchase spare parts and consumables
  • Budgeting
  • Transport Logistics for goods purchased
  • Fleet wide reporting of current and historical data
  • Certification Status

Purpose of PMS Applications

  • Improve oversight of maintenance ships to determine in realtime the maintenance, repair, logistics, warehousing is done.
  • Improve the accuracy of analysis of ship maintenance knowing maintenance record.
  • Increasing confidence Shipper and Investor

Benefits of PMS

  • Online monitor activity on board particularly with regard to maintenance of the ship.
  • Authority to monitor compliance with IMO regulations through PMS
  • Care more ships planned and measurable, the impact on ship maintenance cost savings.
  • Reduce the cost of shipping operations by optimizing the management and operation of ships.
  • The use of information for decision support in the implementation of docking, repair, and so on.
  • Optimizing availability of inventory items and ship spare parts.