Vessel Monitoring System

Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) is one of the services of the PT PANN to protect the capital of PT PANN, a system that monitors the position of the ship around the world, making it easier and faster to know the position of the ship, estimated ETA / ETD, etc.. At first VMS devoted to monitor the ship's position PT PANN, during the period of the lease. In its development, several other shipping companies using the facilities of PT PANN VMS to monitor his fleet without the need to build Operations & Data Center itself.

Benefits for Creditors

  • Can improve oversight of the operation and position of ships by On-Line customers, at any time, during the term of the loan.
  • Monitoring service by PT PANN for 24/7 againts customer ships, during the loan period.
  • Support monthly reports from PT PANN for the operation of ships, during the loan period.
  • VMS device procurement and airtime charges per year, could be a package in the delivery of vessel

Benefit In Operations of The Ships

  • Can monitor the presence / position of the operation of the ship, making it easy to estimate the time of arrival and departure of ships with the appropriate
  • Can help to improve the operation of the ship efficiency
  • Can analyze the operation of the ship
  • Can immediately take steps quickly if the ship in an emergency
  • Weather Forecast Services