Business Prospect

Indonesia is also a country with a population 4th largest in the world after China, india, and The United States of America, which is 237 million. The potensial of growth is so big and she has mining with minerals, energy and plantations, largest among the ASEAN Countries, and in Coal and Palm Oil it is even the largest in the world.
All this time, PT PANN’s business rests on financing provision of the national trading armada projects as well as maritime-related industries like shipping company, insurance brokerage, ship management and shipyard.
This maritime sector is quite liquid because the government  applies the cabotage principle as national policy which requires sea transportation within the country to be done by red-and-white flag ships and with Indonesian crew.
On the domestic transportation sector the investment opportunity is still good due to the increase in the need for ship cargo space and financing need for the renewal of armada. On the other hand, export import transport also invite operators of national shipping because 90% is still in the hands of foreign flag ships.
The long term prospects lies on the export import transportation or beyond cabotage, offshore up to financing for the renewal of the armada. Until 2014, the growth of overseas sea transportation is  estimated to grow at an average of 5% to 7% annually. While the shipping armada that needs to be renewed is about 75% of the national trading armada.

Coal Transportation

Indonesia is at this time ranked one of the world’s biggest suppliers of coal having production capacity of almost 300 million tons per year. The largest domestic coal load segment is coal to supply coal for steam power plant (PLTU).
Coal transportation prospect to PLTU is still promising in line with the performance of power plant speed up project in Java Island in 10 locations and 25 locations outside Java.Total need of coal for the ten speed up PLTU projects in Java reaches 26.22 million tons per year. Need of coal for PLTU speed up project outside Java reaches 10.32 million tons per year that must be supplied by using ship flying red-white flag. In the aggregate, the need of coal for PLTU speed up project reaches 31.90 million tons Electricity is a basic requirement for community and that its supply must not be interrupted. Therefore a large number of ship is need. In the aggregate, PLTU in operation needs 94 barges, while speed up project needs 100 barges and 31 vessels such as handy max. This figure is exclusive of ship needed for power plant speed up project outside Java.
Oil and gas transportation

Oil and gas transportation main segment is transportation at PT Pertamina (Persero). Of about 119 chartered ships of Pertamina (Persero) for oil distribution activity and transportation of oil abroad, 48 units or some 40% are ships flying foreign flag and there is potency to replace them with ships flying Red-White flag on condition that cabotage obliging domestic sea transportation must use ship flying national flag.
Offshore Service

At this time there is increase in need of oil and gas in the country, both as energy source and as raw material for industry which serves as power for national development. But the reality shows that natural oil and condensate production of 945.000 barrels per day (2010) was in the decrease compared with the previous year of 949.000 barrels per day (2009).
Natural oil and gas exploration and exploitation activity is intensified to find new natural oil and gas source, most part of which is located offshore which will of course involve national shipping industry.
Total number of ships operating in natural oil and gas upstream for the purpose of supporting offshore drilling and construction reaches 526 units. There are 14 types of ship operating in this sector but exclusive of special ship for offshore seismic survey, drilling and construction.