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Totality Managing The Maritime Industry

The spirit of PT PANN in catching the big opportunity of the maritime industry in Indonesia is in line with the government’s program post Presidential Instruction No.5/2005 which was strengthened with Law No.17/2008 regarding shipping.

PT PANN carried out a tactical and strategic initiative in managing the maritime industry such as provision and operation of pioneering ships by utilizing the competency of PT PANN, from ship management, ship operations to financing, so it is hoped that the local potential within the maritime industry could be optimized.

The totality of PT PANN in managing the maritime industry is in line with the spirit to complete the restructuring of the company to be on the forefront of Stateowned Enterprises in managing the maritime industry from up to downstream.



Becoming a public company in the field of ship financing and play an active role in Indonesia maritime industry development.


  • To conduct ship financing through procurement new building as well as used vessel.
  • To maximize stakeholder value.
  • To build long lasting relationship with the customer.